Teaching Easel

Teaching Easel
This teaching easel was inspired by an inquiry on ana-white.com.

I had several priorities in mind as I was designing this.
– keep it cheap
– it should fit in a sedan
– adaptable to additional features later

A couple of considerations came into play in the effort to control costs. First, the overall width was determined by the availability of whiteboard and other materials in 24″ widths. Second, all of the lumber is 1×2 or 1×3, which is the least expensive, and gives you the option of using the super-cheap furring strips.

Third, it uses only 2 wheels, which also makes it stable, since two of the feet are solid. It can be easily moved by lifting the side with the solid legs, and it’s stable as soon as you set it down without needing locking wheels.
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Triple Bunk Beds

Triple Bunk
This Triple Bunk Bed plan is a staggered design with the middle bunk offset. This allows it to fit under the common 8 foot ceiling height without compromising head room, by assuming half of the bed is for the footer and does not require as much height.

Despite the overall size of the project, it uses very simple construction methods. All cuts are right angles, and all screws go strait through flat surfaces. The biggest challenge is getting everything square, and simply getting all of the pieces organized for assembly.
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Common saws used by the do-it-yourself furniture builder range from simple hand saws to several types of power saws.

Hand Saws

Cross-cut Saw
Cross-Cut saw: This is the classic hand saw that is most recognizable. Intended for cutting across the grain, it is suitable for many all around uses. A Rip saw is similar, but has a different shape of tooth, intended for cutting with the grain.
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Do-It-Yourselfer Levels

The DIY label could apply to a wide range of skill levels. From simple assembly to handcrafted furniture, there are many level of experience, tools, and working space required. This site is intended for those in the middle range.

– Flat Box Assembler:
Must have tools: screwdriver
May have: hammer, glue
For those that are happy with particle board construction that only requires a screwdriver, this site is not for them. There are many stores, including a large Scandinavian furniture store with a confusing layout, that can serve their needs nicely.
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