Design to Do-It-Yourself

Work space

Designing solutions for your living spaces where you can “do-it-yourself” requires that you adapt to the resources that you have available.


Do you have a dedicated space?

Or do you have to improvise on a patio or in a driveway?

hand plane


Do you have any power tools?

A miter saw or table saw?

Specialty tools like a Kreg jig?


Have you done this before?

Ever fixed a loose hinge?


Got a job, kids, and somebody else demanding your time? And does it seem like everything takes longer to finish that you expected?

If you motivation to DIY is based on filling a need other than artistic creativity, you need a design that is manageable with the space, tools, skills, and time that you have available.

This site is dedicated to creating projects that are designed to both fill a real need, and fit into real life.