Terms of Use

Use this website at your own risk.

I am not a lawyer. I am not going to pay one to write a complex terms of use policy, nor am I going to copy a template from any other site. If an individual is inclined to file a lawsuit over any information they find on the Internet, a terms of use policy is unlikely to stop them. So I will simply state the obvious.

Working with power tools can be very dangerous. Even hand tools can be dangerous. People can get seriously injured, or die. Follow all safety instructions. Use common sense.

Furniture, if it fails when in use, can be very dangerous. If you build a piece of furniture, it is entirely your responsibility to ensure that it will not injure or kill someone. If you find a design for free on the Internet, it is entirely your responsibility to determine if it is acceptably safe for your own use.

Even if someone else has successfully built a design, that does not mean that you will not have problems. If you see a design that does not have photographs to indicate that it has been built to completion, you should assume a 100% chance that you will find problems with the design. If it has been built, there is still a 90% chance you will find new problems.

All opinions on this site are the opinions of the site owner. He is often wrong. He makes mistakes on a regular basis. Do no make any life altering decisions based on information you see on this site.

The ads provided by Google are chosen by them. If you have a problem with their contents, I can refer you to Google. The items in the Amazon ads were chosen by the site owner, although the specific content is by Amazon.

By using this site, you agree not to sue the site owner, or anyone else associated with the site, for anything having to do with this site. If any sales occur on this site, they will be covered by a separate agreement, which will probably be filled with confusing legalese.

The designs, plans, and ideas shared on this site are the creation of the site owner, unless otherwise specified. Any similarity to any other design, drawing, or idea is coincidental, and completely meaningless. Or, it might be used as a point of parody.

I will not publish anyone else’s work without proper attribution. Actually, I created this site because I like designing things, so I don’t expect to publish anyone else’s work even with attribution. But I will make mention of the work of others that inspired me.

Anyone is free to do anything they wish with any information on this site. No copyrights are claimed on any of the content provided by the site owner (which does not include 3rd party advertisements). I don’t care if anyone copies, prints, publishes, or builds, for profit or any other reason, anything I publish on this site.

However, no amount of disclaimers on the part of this website prevents anyone else from suing you if they think something you built looks remotely like something they thought of once. If a plan makes a clear parody of a concept that is vigorously defended by copyright lawyers, and you start building examples for profit that skip the parody and depict the copyrighted property, you will certainly get sued. And then I would get dragged in to it. And then I would have to stop sharing some of the most amusing stuff. So please don’t do that.

Safety first. And make it fun.