What Do You Need Designed?

Creating a design is my favorite part of any DIY project. As much as I enjoy working with wood, and the satisfaction of building something useful, it is the desire to see my design come to life that keeps me motivated. In fact, I often have to push myself to complete the finishing work on a project, since I loose some of that excitement after I can see whether or not the design will work.

Since I haven’t built anything recently that is interesting enough to share, I want to ask readers of this site what they would like to see designed. Suggest an interesting idea, and I’ll write up a plan, draw it in SketchUp, and post it here on the site, all for free.

To be clear, I’m not promising to draw up every idea that is suggested. I’m looking for unique and interesting projects that are different than the many plans already available all across the web.

What makes a project unique and interesting?

  • an unusual feature, such as a piece that folds for storage, or expands for additional uses
  • a specific theme for an otherwise generic piece, that adds physical design elements (more than paint)
  • some kind of complexity that makes it hard to figure out
  • something that just isn’t available from any retailer

I’m also willing to draw up generalized custom plans. If you are planning new cabinetry, and trying to figure out how to fit stock cabinet dimensions into your awkward space, you can send me a sketch with dimensions and a description of what you want. Or if you’re looking at a home remodel that will move some walls, and can’t see how to fit everything in, I’ll consider drawing up an idea for that. (Note: I refer to these as “generalized custom” plans because they will not have the detail of architectural plans.)

Any plans I create will be available on this site, and I have opened up comments on the plans in the hope that anyone that builds them will share pictures of their work.

What would you like to see designed?

7 comments on “What Do You Need Designed?

  1. I’ve read your instructions on how to build a pull-out daybed similar to the Ikea Hemnes daybed:


    A very nice project. Thank you for sharing it. However, I wonder how to make a design so that you can store the second mattress under the bed. I’ve seen such a bed from Ikea, called “Bygland” which isn’t available anymore. And I think their design can be improved, although I don’t have the right idea yet.

    • I’ll take a look at that. The trick will be to allow the interlaced slats to hinge up without compromising the strength.

  2. I have searched the Internet for months trying to find a plan for organizing my entryway. Retailers don’t sell what I’m looking for and I’ve come across many ideas and looks on Pinterest but I don’t know where to start other than what and how I want it to function. I have 4 children that just plop everything down when entering with no designated area for all their things. There is a large blank wall perfect for an entryway piece that measures W 6′-10 3/4″ and H 7′-10 3/4″. There is a large walkway connecting the 2 sides of the house in front of the wall and piece should not come out more than 18-20 inches from the wall. Functional needs are spaces for each child’s items (backpack, coats), bins or cubbie spaces for each individual’s shoes, hats, gloves ect., bench area, slots for individuals school folders and papers or magazines, storage areas above. Want it to look like it is built into home with finishing detail but also be able to take with me when I move. I have a drawing I designed but don’t know where to go from there as far as material, stability, colors, hardware. Would like to see what you think!

  3. Hello,

    I love Your work. Thanks for shearing plans for furniture. I was wondering, if You could make some changes on the plan for pool-out bad (could it be possible to pool-out just 50 cm, so that pillows that are kept for the back through the day can be used as part of the mattress( final with of the bed to be 140 cm ( 90+50 cm). The other idea is, I live in a very small room, so I was wandering is there an option of making working desk, not too big but big enough to put few books and laptop, which can be folded in some kind of shelf or extra chair. The option to be painting/table is not a good one due to inability to move table.

    Thank You in advance. A

  4. Hi, Having just acquired a canal boat I want to make a small size sofa that will open out into a small double bed. Ideally with storage underneath. The Ikea Hemnes type daybed is great but too big for a narrow boat (only 6′ wide). As storage space is at a premium on a boat a storage space, either lift up or drawers, would be useful. Might this prove a worthwhile challenge?

    Thank you 🙂

  5. As a renter in an apartment with a teensy bedroom, I’m totally enamored of the “podium bed” (“podest bett”) that seems very popular in Germany, Russia, and other parts of Europe. Basically, it’s a raised floor under which a trundle slides (usually on casters, separate from the “floor,” but sometimes as a drawer fitted inside the top). It’s an inversion of a storage bed: the bed’s below, the storage (or whatever you want) is on top.

    You can check out everything I’ve found out on my pinterest page: https://bit.ly/2HaPN1S.

    But as a noob to woodworking, I’d love to see some finished plans with a cut list, etc. And as a renter with plaster walls, would love to see one that is not necessarily fixed to the walls: I know it can be done because there is at least one German example in the gallery above, but I’m calculating span values, trying to figure out the appropriate wood/fixtures; it’s just really beyond me.

    These are really popular in Europe, and could even be modded for sale on Etsy etc.

    Hope you’re interested! (I have a double, btw 🙂 ).

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