Sit Stand Desk Kickstarter project

Sit-Stand desks, that allow a person to easily raise and lower their workstation to accommodate either sitting or standing while working, are becoming very popular. Since they generally require either electric motors, gas pistons, or some other complicated mechanism, they are all fairly expensive.

I attempted to build my own desk using common parts, like screen door springs to provide some lift. It works, but not very well. It isn’t suitable for posting as a DIY plan in the current form.

I have some ideas on how to improve it, but it is going to require some experimenting, by building a couple more desks.

I’m also fascinated with the concept of crowdsourcing, using something like So I started a project on Kickstarter to fund the purchase of some lumber, supplies, and a few new saw blades, all in the name of refining a DIY plan to a point that just about anyone can build it. Also, I wanted to get a feel for how Kickstarter works.

You can see and contribute to the project at

Once the project is complete, and all rewards have been delivered to all of the sponsors, the final plans will be posted on this site for free. Sponsoring the plan will get you the advance copies of the plan, along with all of my photos and changes as the project progresses. I will also keep open communication to all the sponsors if they want to offer suggestions.

As part of the project, I’m also offering a DIY kit with all of the small hardware. If that proves popular, I’ll make it available on this site. If everything goes smoothly, I should have everything complete and the plans available to everyone by the end of this year.