Produce Bins on Kickstarter

My first Kickstarter project, the DIY Sit-Stand desk, did not reach the funding goal. At some point I will work on a new prototype, but until then I was looking for a new project that might allow me to raise the funds for some new tools.

I built a set of produce bins for my own kitchen to allow my fruits and vegetables to ripen with some air circulation. It turned out well enough that it justified a new attempt at Kickstarter.

The Wood Produce Bins project has a minimum pledge of $4 that includes a set of DIY plans, including 6 different variations on the original. I will still post a single version of those plans here, based on stock lumber sizes instead of the smaller pieces I ripped for my own project.

There are also sponsor levels for a DIY kit that includes all the wood pieces cut to size, as well as for completed produce bins.

If you are not familiar with Kickstarter, it is a crowdfunding tool. This means that people can make a pledge, or sponsorship, toward a project. Goods from the project are sent as rewards for the sponsorship. Although it appears a bit like advance sales, legally it is investing in a business project with inherent risk to investment, similar to any new business venture. However, if the funding goal is not reached, all pledges are off and the project is closed with no obligations on either side.

If you missed the link above, the project is at