Common saws used by the do-it-yourself furniture builder range from simple hand saws to several types of power saws.

Hand Saws

Cross-cut Saw
Cross-Cut saw: This is the classic hand saw that is most recognizable. Intended for cutting across the grain, it is suitable for many all around uses. A Rip saw is similar, but has a different shape of tooth, intended for cutting with the grain.
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Do-It-Yourselfer Levels

The DIY label could apply to a wide range of skill levels. From simple assembly to handcrafted furniture, there are many level of experience, tools, and working space required. This site is intended for those in the middle range.

– Flat Box Assembler:
Must have tools: screwdriver
May have: hammer, glue
For those that are happy with particle board construction that only requires a screwdriver, this site is not for them. There are many stores, including a large Scandinavian furniture store with a confusing layout, that can serve their needs nicely.
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